How to Contribute

Become a mirror

You can assist the LFS project by providing an HTTP or FTP mirror. The HTTP mirrors provide the LFS website, books, patches and hints. The FTP mirrors can provide a number of services including LFS packages, BLFS packages and LiveCD mirrors. The requirements for the various mirrors are listed below. If you would like to become a mirror for HTTP, please send an email to the website list. To become an FTP mirror, please email the FTP mirror maintainer, Justin Knierim. Thank you.


Here is a list of requirements for the various mirrors. All mirrors require that you use rsync to sync your mirrors with our main servers, and a cron program to schedule it for you.

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HTTP Mirror

Note: Mirror Admins who don't have access to the httpd config file on the server can still mirror using .htaccess files. A short description is available here:

LFS FTP Mirror

LiveCD FTP Mirror

Still interested?

If you are still interested in becoming a mirror, please email the following information to the appropriate list or person listed above. We will provide you with an rsync script and other information to help setup your mirror.

Buy the LFS 6.0 Hard Copy

The LFS team is proud to announce the second edition of a printed Linux From Scratch book. The book contains the LFS 6.0 version on 292 pages and an accompanying CD. The books are available for $19.99 from CheapBytes.

Book Description

Tired of using Linux systems that don't perform the way you need them to work? Searching for an alternative to cookie-cutter distributions that dont meet your specific needs?

Linux From Scratch allows users to build custom Linux systems from the ground up, customizing each aspect of the system to the users specifications. Users can dictate all aspects of their system, including directory layout, script setup, and security. you can specify where, why and how programs are installed. It is all about choice - yours.

Linux From Scratch also provides an ideal learning environment for programmers and system administrators who want to enhance their existing Linux skills. Linux From Scratch is a world-recognized project with a community of thousands.

With several support web sites, mailing lists, and real-time help services to its credit, the possibilities are endless. This book contains everything you will need to know to embark on your own LFS adventure and design the custom Linux system you've been looking for!

Make a donation

One of the ways to help the Linux From Scratch project is by making donations. Financial donations can be made through PayPal using a major credit card.


If you want to donate but can't use PayPal, please contact Gerard Beekmans.

The majority of donations will be used to pay the monthly server colocation bill. Anything left over will be put back into the project such as sending people cdroms who don't have a high-speed Internet connection to download all the required packages, upgrade the server hardware when necessary, or whatever else needs done to keep the LFS project running smoothly.