Read the Beyond Linux From Scratch Book Online

Two versions of the BLFS Book are available for viewing online, the current stable released book, and the daily rendered development book:

Current Stable

This is the latest released BLFS Book.

As a result of bugs and security warnings, please be sure to read the errata page for any modifications needed to BLFS applications.

BLFS Errata

BLFS Version 6.2.0 (HTML)

BLFS Version 6.2.0 (PDF)

Current Development

This is the BLFS Book in its current development state. Changes can happen that break the build of some packages temporarily. Since this version of the book is in constant change, there is no separate errata.

Development BLFS (HTML)


The BLFS book has been translated in various languages. Note that these translations were done by volunteers and may contain translation errors which the BLFS team cannot control. In that case, contact the translator directly.

If you have translated the BLFS book or if you are aware of translations not in this list, please send us an e-mail to the website mailing list with a hyperlink to the translation.


Translated by the French Team (lfs-traducfr)


Website | BLFS 6.0
Translated by Giulio DaprelÓ


BLFS 6.0 (html .tar.bz2)
Translated by Sergey Kaminskiy and Alexander Andreev


Website | Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3
Translated by Manuel Canales Esparcia (linux-desde-cero)